Help me get wood.
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Where can I buy wood online?

I need a couple of sheets of hardboard and, perhaps, some MDF. Thing is, I don't have a car and don't really have the time to get to the nearest DIY store.

Surely there must be a way to order small quantities of the stuff online. Are there any companies in the UK (in particular, North Somerset) that provide such a service?
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Response by poster: Cycling ten miles with a sheet of hardboard on the back of the bike is easier said than done.
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Do you have a friend with a car? Can you rent a truck for an afternoon?
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Might be worth trying eBay, though a lot of the wood on there seems to be pick-up only.
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I don't know about the UK but in the US there are not many places that would ship something like full sheets. If you needed smaller pieces, maybe...

However, many lumber stores that are not big-box stores will deliver in the US (maybe Home Depot and/or Lowes would, I don't know, never tried). I ordered some MDF from a supplier once and had it delivered. They will charge but it may not be too bad.

Again, this is only from my experience in the US, but Home Depot, and maybe Lowes, both offer truck rentals on the premises. Maybe a bit of overkill just to get a few things, but they charged by the half hour or the hour, and it wasn't too bad. I used them once to get a matress home.

Sorry I don't have specific UK advice but I thought some of the options may be similar there.
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Is there any construction going on nearby your place? You might try to get someone to add your needs to a site delivery. Maybe you could offer them a pint or two for the effort.
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Have you tried Craigslist? People always post stuff for exactly this sort of thing (a guy with a truck who can transport stuff). My UK geography is bad but pick yoyr closest city here.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. More here
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yoyr = your
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At least in the US, most medium-to-large lumber yards that cater to contractors/builders will deliver, usually for free, and even if the order is just a few sheets of plywood and a couple-three boards . Stores that cater to homeowners, like most big-box type DIY stores, either don't deliver or charge exorbitant fees for delivery.

I would suggest looking for a yard that services actual builders.
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On a more serious note,

If you don't have a friend that can help you out for the 25 minutes it will take to transport the stuff 10 miles and the delivery fees are too high at the big box hardware store, just stand around the contractor area outside and solicit the guys you see drive up in trucks... ask if anyone is heading towards the direction you live and offer to pay them whatever you can afford.

If you ask enough people, you should get a taker (or asked to leave). :-)

I used to work at "one of those big hardware stores" and a lot of the guys that come in are there everyday, are pretty laid back, and love helping strangers with construction related stuff.

Just pay close attention not to ask someone that looks like their rushed.
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