Gift for an 85 yeard old Freemason
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What do you get a Freemason for a gift? My Grandfather will be celebrating 60 years as a Freemason, they will be holding a Gala event in his name hosted by 4 different lodges, that I can not attend. Thanks
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Revolutionary Brotherhood, by Steven C. Bullock was a good book on Freemasonry that I quite liked. If you can track it down he might like to read it.

Failing that, what's wrong with a really expensive bottle of wine? I understand you want to equate his achievement with his gift, but c'mon... who doesn't like excellent wine on a day of celebration?
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A lapel Pin could be an idea, but (paraphrasing the Mason's recruiting poster) 'to know one- ask one'... Ask one of his Masonic buddies. Masons are big on symbolism, history etc. IANAM, but my father was, and they are pretty specific about what symbols can be used depending on one's status in the lodge.
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I am a mason, and if he has been around 60 years and attracted this kind of reverence he probably has more masonic regalia than he knows what to do with.

Frankly, a lot of masonic gifts are cheap/tasteless.

I would suggest a bottle of 18 year old Scotch as gift, or some kind of framed photo of him standing with his lodge - perhaps with an engraving mentioning the dates he was initiated/passed/raised (you can get this from the secretary of his Grand Lodge - they will be in the phone book or have a web site). The secretary might help you track down this photo too. "Born in Blood" is another good masonic book.

I've also noticed you are a man, over the age of 18, and work in a profession which suggestions you have been of good conduct. You could honour him by taking up the craft if you have not already done so.
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umberto eco's "foucault's pendulum". after i finished it, i never wanted to hear about masons, rosicrucians or knights templar ever again.
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Wow you actually finished that book. I got so bored I tried reading it twice...

On preview, perhaps Masonic regalia is a bit 'more of the same'. I like the idea of a framed photo. Could you hire someone to go that evening and take the snaps?
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On the book front, I would also mention Avram Davidson's Masters Of The Maze. This picture of an 1876 cufflink from the site linked above suggests another possibility: buying some vintage Masonic regalia at an antique store.
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How about someone to play the bagpipes at the event? Or, alternatively, you could get him a nice piece of matthew barney art. yeah, don't really do that. But music might be nice.
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What do you get a Freemason for a gift?

Don't the Illuminati/Freemasons already own and run everything in the world?

Bah dum bump, khssss. Thanks, I'll be here all week.
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Yep, all those masons will know what is best in the way of mason gifts. So give him something grandson-y.

I don't see the need for you to give him any expensive gift for this sort of occasion. If you feel bad because you can't get to the party, a firm date when he will see you seems a good offering. To add something to the celebration, a hand-made card featuring things personal to him should work.
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