suggestions for hotels in Amsterdam?
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I'm taking a short trip to Amsterdam in April, and would love some suggestions for unique/ interesting/ historically important hotels, that aren't over-the-top expensive.

Preferably near the Filmmuseum (not exactly sure where this is, to be honest, but here's a link to the location:
Thanks for any suggestions!
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two words: house. boat. houseboat! houseboat houseboat! Prices start at about €100/night. You can check off unique and interesting on your list, and I'm sure something historical can be found. You can look here to get a feel for what's available, but better deals can be had elsewhere.
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You should stay at Bob's Hostel, above the Doors Cafe, it is going to the left of the train station if you are FACING it. And you should ask about the Widow's Corner, I think it is called, it is a place where it is completely silent, but in the middle of the city, it is sort of a secret garden, in the midst of a bunch of buildings... describe it to almost anyone that is familiar and they should know what you are talking about... well worth it. Have a great time... I am jealous.
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It's in the Vondelpark (and brings back memories of its great cafe) which means there are some gorgeous historical hotels nearby that are very not cheap: 200EUR for the small B&B Suite 259 is ouch money, but it's half as ouchy than the American over by Leidseplein. (That's better experienced by visiting for breakfast than staying there.) Otherwise, look at B&Bs, townhouses, houseboats -- definitely houseboats -- or somewhere like the Apple Inn or De Filosoof, both of which are cheaper and still well located for the Film Museum.

Not Bob's, unless you have a backpack and high tolerance for other backpackers and their idea of Amsterdam fun. Been there, done that, not 22 any more. And there's a real sense of space and quiet in the area around the Vondelpark that you don't get from staying in the Centrum.
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Response by poster: thanks so much for the great responses so far, keep em coming! just to clarify, i'm seeking unique or interesting or historically important - and these in any combination!
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A dockside crane converted into a luxury hideaway for two. Probably a bit over the top, but worth mentioning.
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uh, try that link again furtive.
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Strongly seconding de Filosoof.
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The Hemp Hotel is about as cliche as you can get, but it's still pretty neat.
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I heard that the red light district is a good tourist spot.
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It's not exactly historical, but I stayed at Hotel Piet Hein in August. It's adjacent to the Vondelpark, and it's just charming little place and amazingly affordable. The staff was wonderful, and breakfast was included. They have internet computers in the lobby (which they never charged me for even though there was a price posted), and I made 3 phone calls to the states (one for 30 minutes), and was charged only 2.50 euros.
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FWIW, the Filmmuseum is right at the NE corner of Vondelpark, or the edge of the park nearest to Leidseplein. This may help with orientation, and will make sense once you get there. Have a good stay!

(and contact me if you get bored!)
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I'm seconding houseboat. My friends and I had a great time staying in one about 10 years ago. Super neat, and where else do you get the opportunity? Venice?
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