Can I talk on my cell phone through my Mac using Bluetooth?
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Can I talk on my cell phone through my Mac using Bluetooth?

I don't have a Bluetooth headset, but the one time I'd like to go hands free is when I'm working on the computer. I already have a nice Linksys headset with mic that I can use for internet chat. But is it possible to use the Bluetooth connection between my cell and Mac so I can talk using the same headset?

I have a Powerbook OSX, and LG cell phone ("The V")
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Perhaps you can look into BluePhoneElite 2? I heard about this from last week's show Mac Observer Mac Geek Gab podcast (around 32:50).
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That program sounds like it fits the bill. I've been looking to do this for ages as well.
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If you're not already using BluePhoneElite, it's crazy cool in version one so v2 should be excellent. Using your Mac for SMSing is easy, and the big on-screen Caller ID alerts are really nice, but what's really fun is stuff like auto-pausing iTunes or VLC when you answer or start a call, or when you leave the room.
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Thanks. That program is definitely what I'm looking for, but unfortunately doesn't work with the LG VX980.
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Any other suggestions? Or just wait patiently for an upgraded version or new phone?
(now that I know its out there, I MUST have it!)
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Wait...I can do this (on Windows XP) without additional software. When my phone connects to my computer, I can choose to use the sound "service", which routes all cell phone audio to the speakers, and all mic input to the phone. It works great, though isn't very useful for me.

I have done this once at school on the OS 10.4 iMac. Have you tried connecting the phone and laptop to see what happens?
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I'll second what niles said. My bluetooth software (on XP) allows me to replace my computer's mic and speakers with compatible devices. Try firing up your bluetooth software, set it to discover mode (with your phone nearby and set to allow discovery) and see what happens.
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Nope. It detects the cell phone, but doesn't offer the option to redirect.

BluePhoneElite, after further testing, almost works, but is very glitchy.

If there is a step by step way to do this thru the Mac directly, I'd love to know how.
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