Good Video Game Podcasts?
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What are some good podcasts about video games?

Interested in anything video game related, but podcasts about the Wii or retro gaming would be especially nice. I will be listening in the car with an 11-year-old.
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I used to listen to Gaming Steve often. I enjoyed it, and it should be appropriate for an 11-year-old. I think it focuses on a broader variety of games than Wii or retro gaming.
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1up yours
game face radio
egm's podcast
the neogaf cast

oh wait, with an eleven year old?
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Totally Nintendo centric: Infendo Radio
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I've never listened, but is my source for... well, Nintendo news, and they're pretty good about keeping things nice for the kiddies in print and in their videos, so that seems like it should be an okay place.
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The three video game related podcasts I listen to are:

Gamespot's The HotSpot
Short Attention Gamer
The Instance (World of Warcraft themed, so it's narrow topic'd)

All are suitable for all ages.

I'm told IGN has a podcast, but I'm a Gamespot man myself, so I don't do IGN.
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This NPR one is pretty sweet. Press Start.
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I'm seconding zackola. I knew I forgot one I listen to.

The Press Start Podcast is definitely great, though you can't necessarily count on it being updated very frequently. I think it's supposed to be every other week, but that's at best.

Definitely listen to what's already there though.
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I listen to 1up yours regularly but the guys on the show swear like sailors, especially Luke Smith. And it goes on forever, this weeks episode is close to 3 hours, mostly about Shadowrun this week. EGM live (which I also like) has some of the same people but is shorter and has less screaming. If 1up yours is Howard Stern then EGM live is The View.
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