Why are users automatically being added to my AIM buddy list?
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Why are users automatically being added to my AIM buddy list?

I have found "buddies" on my AIM buddy list that I do not know. I always wondered how they got there. Recently, a random person started chatting with me. I refreshed my buddy list (logged off and logged back on) and noticed they were now on my buddy list.

Therefore it seems that anyone I talk to automatically becomes my buddy? How do I change this setting?

I am using iChat with an AIM account.
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Try turning off the Recent Buddies display in the groups popup menu when you click just under your name and icon.
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I don't use the groups feature.
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I don't know but I've had a similar thing happen where someone totally unknown to me showed up on my recent buddies list and after conversing with that person, I figured out that it was someone I had sent an email to via Hotmail in response to a personal ad. I could never figure out how the connection was made to my AIM account but somehow it was made. I was actually a little weirded out by the whole thing since at the time I was doing a lot of online dating stuff and sort of wanted to stay at a distance for the initial emails, only to have my AIM identity somehow reveled? I'm not discounting that somehow I disclosed it but I really don't think that I knowingly did that. It seems rather implausible that my AIM identity could be disclosed via a Hotmail email but that was the only thing I could think of as being the explanation.
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Since you're using iChat, my guess is that the person gets added to your Address Book, along with their AIM ID. I've noticed this happen to me, and if you look, they're probably in your address book, which for me had also created contacts for all of my "real" AIM buddies. Somehow, they share information.

They may or may not be on your actual AIM buddy list, as iChat might query independently, and I haven't used AIM on anything but my home computers for several years to know any different. I'm no programmer, so I'm not too sure how it works, but I never had it happen in Windows.
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i don't think it has anything to do with hotmail....we are not the only ones.
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I don't see them in my Mac address book, just in my AIM buddy list.

This is certainly a mac-only/ichat problem.

But they are added to my AIM buddy list which is platform independent.
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Is it possible you're seeing other users on your network via Bonjour?
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nope, i have Bonjour turned off.
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and for what it's worth, I don't use iChat (though I sometimes use Trillian) and I'm on a PC.
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The AIM network does have a feature to search for Screen names by email address, for those of you wondering how others get your SN.
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For anyone following this topic, apparently deleting the group "Recent Buddies" within iChat will prevent users from automatically being added to your buddy list.
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