Who's writing about the colossal squid this week?
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I enjoy reading the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, an MIT website that gives timely peer review to popular science journalism. Can anyone recommend similar sites or blogs that do the same for other types of news. I'd love to find a site that uses a similar format to both cover world events and critique their coverage at the same time, for example.
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The CJR Daily started in 2004 as a campaign-only news review and fact-check site but has really expanded its scope since then.
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I forgot to mention NPR's On The Media. They tend to analyze bigger trends and stories.
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Thanks loosemouth for the CJR Daily pointer. I subscribe to the CJR print magazine but wasn't aware of the blog (I'm sure it's splashed all over the mag but I've been ignoring it). At first look, the voice of the blog seems to be a bit more opinionated and, uh, sophomoric than the print version, but I've added it to my RSS newsreader and will give it some time.
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regrettheerror.com: for keeping track of majors news outlets miskakes

docuticker.com: everything that gets published, gov't reports, UN reports, NGO reports, and then some more reports.
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