What's the new dailymotion?
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I need a site like what dailymotion used to be before it got all dmca'd. Any suggestions?

I don't have tivo or anything like that, all I have is an on the roof antenna and if I miss an episode of the office (one of my favorite shows right now) I used to be able to catch it on dailymotion. Now, I guess, they've taken down all of the episodes of the office because of some legal hassles.

so is there another site like what dailymotion used to be for me now?
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The days of dailymotion-like sites are numbered, unless you're interested in 30 Rock, or one of the other shows that the networks are desperately promoting on their own sites.

But, to answer the question, tvrss.net and especially eztvefnet.org seem to have a good collection of torrents available for current TV shows. Grab a torrent client and go to town.

The potential legal hassles involved with BitTorrent are a post unto themselves... but so far, nobody's gotten sued for downloading over-the-air TV content (which, if you had a tivo or even a VCR, you'd obviously be allowed to time-shift). Movies and pay-TV (think: Sopranos) are another story.

Much of the EZTV content is sourced from canadian broadcasts, which makes the legal aspects even more of a gray area, as personal use file-sharing (of unpaid content, no less) is essentially legal there.
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Well, I tried unsuccessfully to download some of The Office episodes after I'd missed several during Thanksgiving last year.

While I can apparently successfully download pr0n at will, I could never get a good episode, all just petered out at about 9X%.

So now I just buy them straight up from iTunes, I don't even have an iPod, I just buy office episodes.
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I just realized that I never bothered to thank you toxic for the tvrss.net recommendation.

It's been a huge help
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