Where do I find a mother-of-pearl inlay ring?
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Please to help me locate a replacement mother-of-pearl inlay silver ring of great sentimental value.

I lost my wedding ring the day after my wedding shoveling snow, and we bought this on the honeymoon as a temporary replacement. Not an hour after we returned from the trip, I found the original band. Now I wear them both, but you will see from the pics that the mother-of-pearl is quite worn :(

I purchased this ring in Avarua, on Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, in February 2003. It cost about 20 bucks. It's mother-of-pearl simply inlaid into a simple silver band. Pictures available here.

I'd really like to find something very close, but other ideas are appreciated! Internet searches have been fruitless. I'm hoping I can find a bunch of 'em for cheap and buy enough to last me 100 years!
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If the value is sentimental and not monetary, why not have a new one made at a jeweler?
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I agree with Brittanie. For sums not small your local jeweler can have reproduced just about anything. It is a service perfect for such situations (and for replacing one lost ear ring as the extravagent cost for a custom one-off is just about 10% less than a new pair :).
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Is it just my monitor, or does the shell inlay have a strong silvery-gray/blueish/greenish cast with visible striations in the color? If so, you might find closer hits by searching on abalone and paua shell instead.

There are tons of silver-and-mother-of-pearl rings on eBay, a somewhat smaller selection of abalone or paua; I've not yet seen any band rings in quite those proportions, but I've only checked the first few pages of results.

This paua ring looks like it might be a bit similar to yours -- the shell isn't broken up into smaller chunks like so many of the bands on the first few pages of eBay results.

Or if I'm misreading that photo and the shell inlay on your ring is in smaller pieces -- here are some abalone and mother of pearl bands at Target that might work...
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Here's a bunch on ebay.
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What size do you need? I have a ring that I think is identical to that which I never wear. It was a freebie with another ring I bought on e-Bay. I think it's a 9 or 10. I'll send it to you it's your size.
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