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I use a whole bunch of PC's - three mainly, my laptop at work, and a desktop and laptop at home...I'd like to find a way of keeping my favorites synchronised on all three OR keeping them all in one place on the web and being able to access them...oh, and I'd like the solution to be 'free' and look cool...(is there an easy way to harvest the 500 favorites on my work laptop - and turn them into a web page?)

I use IE6 on all of my PC's....but some web based solution would allow me to access all my links from other machines/browsers.
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I setup a Movable Type weblog, that does nothing but maintain my links. I use the bookmarklet and save to my host. I can pull the site from anywhere. I changed the basic pages, but here's what it looked like.
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I have a page on my site which displays all my links, pulled out of a MySQL database and ordered by category. If you don't want to do something similar, try taking a look at Yahoo's Bookmarks facility. If you install the Companion toolbar, you'll have access to them from it, which works very nicely.
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I asked this question awhile ago, and received quite a few good answers.
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I like Favoritesync...
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Hmmm...I really should learn to search much better....I didn't spot that Monju_bosatsu - thank you.

I also should really learn the features of my tools a bit better...I just found FILE, IMPORT/EXPORT on the IE6 menu bar...of course, its absolutely where it should be...
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Have a go with ol'bookmarks. I set it up a little while back and love it.
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As a few others have said, this is why I have a weblog. The nice thing about a weblog is that you have a lot more freedom - you can annotate links, group links, link links etc.
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On mine, the title is the link text, the body contains the url and I just use category archives in the listing. It's the same setup I use for my sideblog and my "Best of eBay" sideblog on Drumblog, except I use the extended entries for my pithy comments.

It's the flexibility of how I can add categories and build templates that make me a little more phobic against moving and suggesting something else.
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