Current photo booth locations in Boston
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I'm looking for photo booths currently in/around Boston.

I've found several photo booth lists online, but so far they've proven pretty inaccurate/outdated -- I've had it with the wild goose photo booth chase. Has anyone seen, with their own two eyes, a photo booth around town recently? Or know for a fact that the one located on xyz street is a permanent fixture? And for added difficulty, I'd like to avoid the ones that apply a cheesy photoshop filter to your picture ("instant pastel portrait!").
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The Diesel Cafe has one (in Davis Sq). I've seen it with my own eyes.
Boston Bowl in Quincy has one, too.
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Response by poster: Whoa. Diesel Cafe is right by my doctor's office, which I will be visiting tomorrow.. thanks!
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The Corner food cout at downtown crossing. I know it does the cheesey bits, but I think it also does standard 4-photo strips as a lot of people use them for passport photos.
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Gosh this would be a great google maps mashup.
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There is one in Quincy Market. It puts cheesy borders around your photo but does not apply any filters.

THIS IS A GREAT ask mefi! I look forward to the results!
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Dude someone please ask this question for NYC. Also do the google maps mashup. Thank you.
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I just found which lists photobooths in various states and seems fairly up-to-date, depending on the state.
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I'm pretty sure there is one in the Cambridgeside Galleria mall in Cambridge.
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Second floor of the Garage in Harvard Square.
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The Museum of Science and the Showcase Cinema in Woburn are two that I know of.
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I think there is still one at Showcase Cinema in Revere as well.
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We've tried to keep the listings on current, but I've moved from Boston and no longer have the chance to check locations out as regularly. I'm pretty sure the Children's Museum booths are still there, as well as the ones at Diesel, the Corner Mall, and maybe the Reel Bar, though that one seemed like it might not last. Note that on, we only list old-style, photochemical "dip and dunk" booths, rather than digital / sticker / sketch booths. If anyone finds old-style booths in Boston and wants to add them to our listings, we'd appreciate it. And a Google Maps mashup is in the works.
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