Water water everywhere
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Could you water plants with heavy water? What would be the effect? Would they survive/thrive?
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The "semi-heavy water" section of the wikipedia entry is somewhat misleading because you can buy highly pure (99%+) heavy water. It's expensive but not ridiculously so: Aldrich will sell you a liter for $840.

Some useful information about heavy water toxicity: here, here, here, here, and here (this seems to be the original mouse paper the others site). Based on the fact that D2O inhibits microtubule polymerization at high enough concentrations I expect it would be toxic to plants at similar levels as it is to animals.
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Semi-heavy water is I believe what the idiot Wikipedians are calling the hypothetical compound, DOH. Heavy water is D2O.
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I would like to invite everyone here to fix that article. Please?
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