Learn-to-read serial in Chicago paper. I think.
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Wanted: a book of a learn-to-read cartoon of sorts, likely serialized in a (Chicago?) newspaper, c. 1950-1970.

Stuff I can remember:

-- two fairies, one inexplicably named 'AE.' Dialogue: "AE, I O U a kiss!"

-- my (mid-70s vintage?) copy of this less-than-outstanding work was a fairly large book, wider than it was tall

An educational classic it was not, but I'd still like to get my hands on a copy. All my mother remembered was "I think it was out of a Chicago paper; it'd been a serial."

I realise this is very little to go on...
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If no one here remembers the book, you might try inquiring with the National Cartoon Museum, The Cartoon Art Museum or the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. I don't have any experience with these institutions, but perhaps they can put you on the right track.

Narrowing it down to a Chicago newspaper doesn't help much as there were several major papers in active circulation back then (as opposed to the two we're saddled with now).

I'm not sure if they'll be able to help, but you might send a note to the Chicago History Museum as well. They helped me track down some information for a project I was working on a couple of years ago.
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My grandmothers taught me to read ca. 1965 using a cartoon that ran in the Sunday Tribune. I don't remember the fairy specifically, though.
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