How can I play DRM protected media without the DRM software?
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Your help please in playing DRM protected video clips without DRM software... (further details are contained within)

A 'friend' has downloaded various video files from one of those filesharing thingies out on the intarweb, but some of them won't play and instead open up a browser to talk to The URL includes the name of the file my 'friend' is trying to play. I understand that this is something to do with DRM. How can the files be played without infecting the PC with DRM restrictiions?

Oh, and by the way, we're not in the US, so that little DMCA can't affect us.
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Are you sure that the video clips are DRM encoded?
If a Video file is encoded with an unknown codec (e.g. DivX), Windows Media Player will attempt to contact Microsoft to download the correct codec. If the codec is not found (which is usually the case), you'll get an error, and a window opening.

There are many sites on the web which cater to the newer codecs.
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I, er, heard there was a Microsoft DRM crack circulating on those very filesharing network thingies you mention, a while back.

The usual caveats about virii apply, of course, but it may be worth a look.

On preview, seanyboy also has a point. Try installing the k-lite codec pack (my personal favorite) (google it for a URL) first, perhaps.
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Response by poster: Thanks both of you. What makes me think its a DRM issue is that it happens only on .WMV files, and the machine has full and up-to-date K-litecodecpack already installed.

Stav, I'll make sure the 'crack' gets investigated. Cheers.
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Take a look at FreeMe, which removes DRM from WMV files, but only for DRM2 for WMP7. If it's a WMP9 file, you're better off just finding another source for the video.
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