Trying to find a brand of jeans I bought in Paris
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I'm looking for a brand of blue jeans in I bought in Paris several years ago. I don't think they are a French brand - no French on the labels. The word for the brand name, "Missy," refers to "an average female size" in America, so Google has been no help. They were bought in the 11e arrondissement of Paris, probably sur Rue du Faubourg-Saint Antoine, on the sidewalk in front of an unknown shop for €10 or €15. Here are pictures of the tags, labels and buttons.
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I almost hate to say it, but the only "Missy jeans" I could find were mentioned here as being made by Gitano for KMart. Surely those aren't the same.
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A google search for "missy denim" pulled up this result: click

From what I can tell, Missy sells generic, inexpensive denim clothing to boutiques and clothing stores worldwide.
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I strongly believe that the two items linked above refer to "Missy" as a size range, not as a brand name.

From wikipedia:
Missy (short for Misses) is also an intermediate size range of clothing for women of average height, larger than Junior's but smaller than Women's/Plus Sizes

This is why I have not been able to find these via Google.
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Well, for what it's worth that "produto importado" on the tag is probably Spanish or maybe Portuguese. You might be able to find some brands out of those countries.
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