Want to feel the Illinoise again...
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So I saw Sufjan Stevens at the Kennedy Center with members of the National Symphony recently...

...froze my sweet caboose off waiting five hours in the dark to get the free tickets for my sort-of anniversary (I proposed to my wife at the Kennedy Center almost exactly a year ago to the date of Sufjan's Feb. 5 show there). Wife's a huge fan, and true to form, show was indeed amazing.

Now for the question: Where can I get a copy of this particular show? Audio or video, doesn't matter. Apparently it was broadcast on the Kennedy Center's website, but has now been taken down. Anybody know if it has been archived or where/how I could watch or listen to it again?
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Chances are...this concert won't ever find any sort of actual release. Your best bet would be to check out a fan site forum to see how these things might be acquired...

Sufjan Fans was the one that I found. There's always the possibility of a bootleg...
if you register...you might gain access to a Download area...no guarantees though
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Oh...and youtube.
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