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Can anyone recommend a reliable moving company in Toronto?

We're moving from a 2-bed to a 2-bed in the same city and I am just too old and broken to do what I've always done in the past -- buy a case of beer and ask every friend I have to help out. I am hyper organized so packing will be taken care of (and I also found some great general moving tips in this thread). Most of our furniture is of the knock-down Ikea variety and we don't own a piano or anything odd like that so I expect professionals could move us in no more than a half-day, maximum.

I'd prefer not to spend more than $400 (including tipping) but have no idea if this is reasonable or not. I have never hired movers in my life so I really have no idea what to look for from a reputable company etc, and google searches and craigslist mostly turn up ads. Also, we're planning on moving mid-week and mid-month and are flexible about specific dates, hopefully this is good for a price-break since we can move "off-peak" hours.
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The Accordion Guy blog in Toronto had an entry about this with lots of comments about good and bad moving companies in the GTA.
Original blog entry.

Amusing follow-up where one of the 'bad' companies called to complain.
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Yeah. Uh, I hate to be an asshole, but no. I think they don't exist. I know Accordion Guy IRL and I've had similarly shitty and incompetent and drawn-out experiences every time I moved with a company. One time my trunk was three weeks late and I got it back because Canada Customs seized it at the US border. May I add that my stuff shouldn't have been entering the US.

I never tried an actual big moving company. They obviously charge a lot more than mobsters and drug runners who might deliver your stuff. My best/most reliable moving experiences always involved a huge amount of my own blood, sweat and tears, a rental van, and a half-dozen disgruntled friends helping out - your previous experiences, too.

Unless you have a job that will pay your moving expenses and handle the insurance, I suggest you interview companies that have big ads in the yellow pages - ones that don't have 4 "A"s before their names.

Good luck!
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Whatever you do, do not not not use "Two strong men with little brains", or whatever that firm is called.
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I had a good experience with a small mover who primarily does Toronto - Montreal for less than 400, he can probably do intercity. I know him personally. E-mail is in my profile.
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A friend of mine just moved, and he highly reccomends Emerald Movers. They're slightly more expensive than normal, but they do an estimate and they have a good reputation with the Toronto BBB, for what it's worth.

Bunch of good natured Irish guys, according to him.
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