I need some Santa Claus-faced chocolate chips
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Where can I get some of those special red-and-white Christmas chocolate chips that look like Santa Claus faces?

I can't seem to navigate the world of Christmas chocolate chips anywhere on the internet, and obviously since it's past Christmas, I can't find them at grocery stores. Anybody know where I could get some? I can't even find a picture of them, so "red and white Santa Claus faces" is the best I can do to describe them.
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I know exactly what you mean. I can't help you find them, but I can tell you that in the US they were distributed by Nestlé.
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I'm pretty sure they're Nestle's "holiday shapes and morsels". I don't remember seeing them at all this Christmas, and I did quite a bit of baking.
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They had them with faces? I have some holiday swirled chocolate chips from Nestles still--green and white chocolate, red and white chocolate, swirled quite prettily. I can't believe I missed them with faces!
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Oh man, here they are. Super cute!

As you say, regular stores are not going to have them at this point. You might ask at a good baking supply or cake decorating place in your neighborhood--on the rare chance they bought up a ton and kept them.
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