I'd like to vaccum under my desk
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Help me find the right CPU stand.

I need a CPU stand to get my computer tower up off the floor. I want one on wheels, and shelf space above or below for external hard drives. I need it to fit under my desk, preferrably under $100.
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Pretty much any Staples or Office Depot sells CPU stands except none have a top shelf included. These start at $20 and none go as high as $100.

Ikea used to sell a CPU stand and there might have been shelf space included on top. Can't find it on my their site so maybe you should visit Ikea .

Do you really need a shelf? I've not have any problems using the top of the computer case.
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I found the Ikea thing I was thinking of but it's probably not what you want.


Hope the link works.
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Off the wall and out of the box idea here: wheeled plant stand. It's cheap, and you could probably find a better one looking one. We have square dark wood ones at the retail store where I work.
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