Paczki in Portland
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Attention, Portlanders [OR]! Does anyone know of any Portland area Polish bakeries or other purveyors of Polish treats that sell the donut-like delicacy known as Paczki?
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Mmmmmm. Paczki. I'm in the "other" Portland, so I don't know your stores specifically, but at least one of the big supermarket chains here carries the delicacy this time of year. The other alternative is to find a normal bakery, or maybe a donut shop, that sells filled bismarks. Unfortunately though, a non-Polish bakery probably won't have prune-filled paczki (yum!).
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While not in Portland, I can tell you that here, near Hamtramck, the veritable home of the American paczki, they only really make 'em yesterday. So while this might be a good quest for next year, you're unlikely to find the doughnuts you want right now...
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Although I have no idea where to get pączki in Portland, OR, if you were planning on wolfing them down on Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek), you missed it - it was last week.
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I could swear there's s lunch cart on Alder (round abouts 11th or so) that has paczki...
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Yeah, there's a couple Polish lunch carts, one on 11th and, I think, one down on 5th, if nothing else those guys should be able to help you. Isn't there an annual Polish festival, too?
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Polish Festival -- apparently it's in the fall. Email the webmaster?
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