Camping in Arizona
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I'm looking for a good campground in Arizona.

It needs to be in easy driving distance from Phoenix, preferably towards Sedona/Prescott.

We're not hardcore so we're looking for car camping, just a place to put up a tent and spend an easy, fun weekend.

I'd like some cool scenery nearby, something different from the desert we normally see around Phoenix.

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I was going to suggest the Lost Dutchman State Park, but it might be too close to Phoenix for you and in the wrong direction to boot. It was lovely when we were there last September and perfect for car camping. Frank Lloyd Wright-esq restrooms to boot. Oh well, now this suggestion is here for the ages.
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I've never been camping up there, but I spent a lot of time in the Camp Verde/ Verde Valley/ Prescott area. Here's a link to a campground near Sedona. I believe part of this area was burned during the last fire season, though, so check with the park to make sure it's open.
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When I was a kid my family made regular camping trips to Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. This site lists 4 campgrounds. I have really great memories of those trips, and I've enjoyed going back since. Oak Creek Canyon is really gorgeous and that whole area is very different from Phoenix.
Just don't ask anyone in Sedona what a vortex is or you're liable to have your ear bent for a very long time.
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Hah - miss lynnster beat me to the punch - Oak Creek Canyoon, just east of Flagstaff, is really nice. Cold this time of year, but all of Northern Arizona is, as I'm sure you know. Or maybe you don't; here's a good rule of thumb - the highs and lows of Flagstaff are usually right at 40 degrees lower than Phoenix, when it's 110 in PHX it's 70 in Flag.

And if you do go to Flagstaff, go up onto Lookout Mountain at night, and you get to see Flagstaff spread out before you like a little toy town, and when a big freight comes streaming north up the rails and then swoops through town and out toward the Painted Desert it's like you've got a train set laid out in front of you, the little crossing gates go down, the train comes hauling ass through it all - great fun.

And isn't vortex some kind of waterproof clothing? That's what I'd tell them -'Yeah, my hiking boots have vortex in them'.
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Another good tip, dancestoblue.

FYI, it gets cold enough that it does snow in Flagstaff sometimes. If it was me... there's a good chance I'd probably rent a cabin rather than car camp. Unfortunately, my family's favorite cabins just closed... :(
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