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I'm looking for a pair of jeans I saw someone wearing on the street today. I think I saw the same pair on Gwyneth Paltrow in People recently. They're women's jeans, low-rise, dark-ish, expensive looking, (hot!). They have a horizontal seam across the knee and snaps the size of nickels down the outside of the pant leg from knee to ankle. I've called several department stores and looked online, but I just can't seem to find them again. Help?
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make your own.


i had a friend who would make jeans like this and charge people 500 bucks for them. she just copied the idea from some designer who was charging 1500 for the same design.

if you go to a craft store, you could probably find the materials you need.
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sounds like Diesel -- maybe Lankoe?
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wish i could remember where, maybe do a google search for "gweneth paltrow pregnant" but i remember reading that some journalist scooped the pregnancy because gp had ordered a dozen pairs of her favorite jeans in larger sizes. it was a brand i had not heard of. might be the lankoe.
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Reo Starr?
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It's a maybe.
But they are hot.
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I understand that Gywnnie has been wearing jeans from Earl Jean

I see nothing on their website, but I also don't see the brand new ones that my wife maybe its not a catalogue as such...

They do make some very funky jeans...

If you are in the UK - then heat magazine often has features on the fashion of the 'celebs' and always include the label names etc... maybe worth flicking through some back issues... I've definately seen features on jeans in there...
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