how to restore the warning in itunes for playlist delete?
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dumb itunes question: i need to GET BACK the warning message when i try to delete a playlist in itunes. i keep on doing it accidently lately but i had checked the "don't ask me anymore" checkbox. perhaps i am out of luck but i feel like itunes must have

right, so i never really deleted a playlist by accident for the first several years using itunes but the past couple weeks i have done it 3 times. and it is no fun, i spent all day making new playlists and they are gone gone gone! i know i can restore the library files from backups i have, but then i lose the playlists i have made since that backup. i have googled a bunch but have found nothing but complaints about the lack of an "Undo" feature. that would also be wonderful if it exists somehow.
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What kind of computer do you have? If it's a Mac, delete the file /Users/you/Library/Preferences/ and restart iTunes. It will have all the default settings.
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i have a win xp pc.
i don't want to be rid of the rest of my preferences if possible, which was why i asked this. i should have been more clear, my apologies.
thanks qvtqht but i did that same search and only see the one discussion saying to delete the preferences file but no one knowing WHAT in that file controls this warning.
perhaps i am missing something though.
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This is one of the very many annoying things about iTunes. The issue has come up in AskMe before and for XP the only solution was to delete all your preferences. I feel your pain annoyance, and hope that someone else here has a better solution. (qvtqht: snotty answers to google searches are not ok in askme by the way)
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Copy the prefs file, restore the old version, and then export the songlist for the playlists before putting back the first set of preferences. It isn't fast or anything, but at least you won't have to think about recreating the playlist from scratch, which is always the killer for me.

Another option would be to try using more smart playlists, since they are far less difficult to recreate.
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