Looking for a good Long Island B&B
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I'm looking for recommendations for a quality, reasonably priced bed-and-breakfast in the NYC tristate area (preferably in Long Island)...

It's my girlfriend's birthday on the 25th and I'm planning on surprising her with a one-day jaunt out to the "country" this Saturday afternoon, leading to Sunday afternoon. I'm a wage slave and rent's due in a week, so I'm trying to keep my total budget (including transportation from Manhattan) below $400.

The "breakfast" part isn't at all necessary, but it reflects the sort of lodging I'm after. Quiet, maybe a bit secluded... I'm not looking for anything particularly posh or fancy, just a nice place to get out of the city for the weekend and get a nice rest.

I was thinking Hamptons/Montauk/Amagansett, but if anyone has any suggestions for Connecticut or Westchester, or even the five boroughs, I'm all ears. I've found plenty of results via Google, but I'm on a schedule that's about as tight as my budget, so I'm after personal recommendations and suggestions. It seems that most places require a two night stay for a weekend booking, which automatically blows my budget, so any suggestions on dodging that (short of offering them an extra $50 or something) is appreciated. I'm not expecting much help, but if anyone can offer me some hope I will be extremely grateful!
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Since it's the off season, a lot of places probably aren't very booked and are looking for whatever they can get. Call or email the inns that say they require two nights on the weekends and see if they'll take you for just one; I'll bet you'll find something (sometimes they will charge just a little more for the one night).

Are you planning to rent a car? Most of the areas you're looking at will be hard to get around/to without one.

Not the most helpful rec given your constraints, but I stayed at the Buttermilk Falls Inn in the Lotus Blossom room [scroll down] in December 2005. That place is nothing short of magical. Quite remote, but a beautiful drive across the Hudson to get there. Scrumptious breakfast, gorgeous rooms (including common rooms), and acres of grounds to walk around on. I'd go again in a heartbeat if I could.
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