Finding a doctor in Cambridge, Mass
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Help me and my boyfriend find a/multiple doctors in Cambridge, MA. Difficulty: BCBS HMO Blue plan.

I had a horrible experience with the Windsor St Clinic in Cambridge, so I'd like to find a new doctor (ideally with a less stupid stance on women's care than my last doctor), while my boyfriend just got his insurance and he's trying to find his own PCP.

The only other AskMe thread I've found involving this asks for both a person doctor *and* an animal doctor, and the only Cambridge-area suggestion is for a clinic that's not on our HMO Blue plan.

So, MeFites, help us be healthy! We live in Kendall Square but can go anywhere the T goes very easily. We can drive but prefer not to given traffic and how hard it is to park. Cambridge is preferred over Boston given busy schedules.
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I have gone to Dr. Andrew Angel at the Harvard Vanguard in Davis Square (right next to the T station) and so has my fiance - we both found him to be thorough and up to date on information, and good at follow-through. I have only seen him once, but he was efficient yet thorough and called me personally about my test results even though they were normal. I did find him to be a little distant, though not unfriendly. My fiance really likes him, and he has been good about giving him good referrals for specialty care he needs. You could try him and see how it goes - though the medical assistant there told me women's health isn't Dr. Angel's area of expertise, so I am going to see someone else for my gyn care.

A friend/classmate has had clinical experience working with the ob/gyn service of Mt. Auburn hospital at the Watertown site (I believe it's very bus-accessible) and raves about the staff there. She works with an NP there, but she says everyone there is great. I can't speak for the Cambridge site, but you might want to check them out.

You don't have to share, of course, but I am wondering what happened at the Windsor Street Clinic? I heard from students working there that it was a good site, but I am curious to see what happened (if it's not too personal).
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I went in for a yearly physical in which the doc basically asked "do you feel sick?" I said "no" and that pretty much ended it. When I asked for a refill on a BC prescription, he didn't have any forms in English for me to sign to acknowledge I was taking it. I also inquired about the HPV vaccine -- the doctor didn't even seem to know about it, didn't know if the clinic carried it, and didn't know if they ever would. When I pursued it with the gyno NP, she made assumptions about my sex life (very wrong ones), told me "if you're old enough to ask, it's too late," and refused to even consider it until I had a fully clean Pap smear (although my last four, one of which was in the middle of a now two year monogamous relationship, have been clean). This given that my insurance does cover the vaccine and the FDA recommends it for women up to 26 regardless of sexual history (and I'm only 22). And that's info I found just by googling it; I would have thought the doctors would be more familiar with it.

*shrug* They didn't actively harm me; it just felt like they weren't willing to go beyond the bare minimum of care that they offer (usually for free) to most of the population in the area. They also seemed to have scheduled me for a gyno appointment *after* their office hours -- I ended up stuck at work and when I called a few minutes prior to the appt to let them know I'd be late, turns out everyone (including the doctor with whom I had the appointment) had gone home already.
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I would also recommend the Harvard Vanguard location in Davis. It's easy to get to and there are a number of good doctors in various specialties. I can recommend Dr. Koontz for women's stuff. That is an eponysterical name if there ever was one
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olinerd, yikes, sounds like you ran into some misinformed and dismissive folks there! If your insurance covers it (or you wanted to pay out of pocket) they should have offered it to you or at least known more about it - I know not all places carry it yet, especially those that serve low-income populations because they haven't gotten funding yet, or the vaccine is reserved for younger girls because that is what the funding covers. A private practice would be more likely to have it and give it to you. You are certainly within the target age group (as you know).

I have also heard good things about MGH's Women's Health Associates - right across the river from you at the hospital. They do primary care of women there (not just the obgyn stuff), so you could get all of your care in one place.

Good luck!
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My wife's OB/GYN is at Mt Auburn in Cambridge and is great. I got to know her when my wife was pregnant and she gave us superior care at that time, and my wife still sees her for her routine GYN appointments.
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I don't have specific names for you, as I've only seen ENTs there, but Mt. Auburn seems to be a good facility for GP/PCP needs. And it's pretty simple to get to by T - it's on the Red Line, and you said you live near Kendall, so ... yeah.
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Thanks, everyone! We'll look in to the Harvard Vanguard and Mt Auburn locations. Appreciate your help.
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My PCP is at Cambridge Hospital near Inman Sq. They seem to be rather complete and I'd recommend it.
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There is also a Harvard Vanguard location between Harvard and Inman that I've had good luck with.
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