Where to find an online Oscar pool?
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Which is the best site to run an Oscar pool on? Follow-up, where should I go for a reliable guide to who will win the obscure categories like best visual effects, best sound mixing, and best cinematography.

I want to run and win an Oscar pool. Ideally I would like a site that shows everyone's picks and shows who is ahead minute-by-minute during the broadcast. It would also be nice if the site allowed you to weight certain categories (Best actor/actress, best movie) double.

Since no site will probably meet all of those parameters, I'd love to see whatever you can find. Thanks!
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Well, there's Matthew Baldwin's. I have no idea if it's any good, but I am a huge fan of defective yeti (his blog), and I think that he is also a mefite, somewhere.
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Yeah, I have the defective yeti one. I'm looking for something really high tech, and the Hive is sort of letting me down.
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I am searching for one, as Yahoo has done Oscar Pick'em in previous years, with private and public groups. No word on their site yet.

Keep an eye in case Yahoo does bring it back, as I always like them for fantasy sports. For now, they offer a printable ballot. Perhaps the Academy Awards doesn't lend their name to fantasy-sports style groups to discourage betting? Just a guess.
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Oh, and this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine (dated Feb. 23, 2007) has a guide to every category.
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Found at least one site that allows private leagues: Award Show Fantasy League. It does not update live during the show though. Notice how it doesn't say Oscar or Academy Awards...
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