Stream many .flv files one after another
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How can i stream 50 short .flv files from a player on a website that I am designing? this possible?

I have a site to design that just needs a flash player set up to stream about 50 .flv files one after the this possible? Are there stand alone softwares that let you do this outside of using Flash? I am trying to make this as painless as possible for people who don't know much about designing websites etc. Maybe they could just upload .flv to their server and then edit some sort of playlist that will update the stream...maybe?
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Jeroen Wijering's flash media-player can handle playlists nowadays.
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Darn, ijsbrand beat me to it. You can create an XML playlist (easily doable by hand) and provide that to the flash media player instead of the filename of the .flv file.

Here's an example of a page (disclaimer: I set this up for a client) using the MP3 player; the Flash Video Player and the Flash Media Player operate almost identically.
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Follow the XML guides.
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it needs to be a free player for commercial use...
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this,, is perfect!...thanks
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Actually this site helped me create the player, but I need to have the player automatically play one flv after another and this does not do this...
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