Need advice on running admin level Novell 3.12 server
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I inherited admin rights on a Novell 3.12 server a while back. To say I am weak in this area is a sad slap at the word weak. This morning, a user stated that a directory "got deleted somehow". [more inside]

Two questions: 1st - how do I find out who did it (so far everyone says "Not Me")? 2nd - then how do I recover it. I read about the Salvage command in the manual, but I don't know where to use it.

I've got console access, but the three things I can get to are the backup menu, the status module (96 days of uptime and counting) and one that tells me the time module is hosed.
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It's been about a hundred years since I've used 3.12 but I do seem to remember an Undelete command (that you can run from the client, not the server) but my mind could be playing tricks. If I knew this question would come up I wouldn't have thrown out my old Netware manuals three weeks ago.
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directories can get deleted and all sort of shit can go bad when the users maximum space is reached, be sure to check that
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