acoustic performance of MAPS
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I am looking for a Yeah Yeah Yeah's acoustic performance. MAPS. It has dissappeared off Youtube and I am dying. Its Karen Oh and the guitarist. Its like a sit down session, not a true live show. In the beginning of the video she holds her hair in front of her face like a mustache and says "its karen OOOOHHHH". Its deadly. Please help me find a link to the video somewhere.
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check the music blogs. is a good start.
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Response by poster: Thank you. A video music blog referenced it as an AOL session. I found it on some AOL site. I won't like it b/c AOL is ill, but jesus christ, if you like this song, this version will break your heart into much smaller pieces than ever before.
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If you find a link to it, please post it for others. Thank you.
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@Brandon Blatcher
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If you don't have it, get the whole concert from when they played the 930 in DC last year off the NPR site:
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Best answer: Here's a link to the video directly

This is a very pretty version of the song, thanks for letting me know about it.
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Uh- I'd say phil's pretty much nailed it. You wanna favorite answer that bad boy (and on preview, tracert linked it directly)? :)
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If someone finds this tabbed out, it would make me feel like a guitar rock star.
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You can buy it at iTunes also [or at least you could once] if you just want the music. We've owned it for a few years, I thought it was on an AOL-only disk [Mr. Mozzie, um, sorta works there] but he says he bought it at iTunes.
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Very nice performance.
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