Converting various video files to DVD
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I have an assortment of .WMV/.MPG/.AVI files that I'd like to convert to .ISO so I can burn them to a DVD. Please suggest the best free/cheap program that can accomplish this.

Just for the record, I'm currently using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter to create disc images and burn them - so once I get an .ISO, I know what to do with it. I'd also be open to alternative methods to burning such files besides creating an .ISO. Thanks.
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Best answer: Try DVD Flick
It's open source. It can create ISOs or even burn to dvd itself without an additional application.

I use it all the time, very straightforward. Please note, though, that you've got to go into project settings each time to indicate if you want to burn to disc or create an ISO (and name the ISO too..)

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Try... Dang, Dave beat me to it.
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Second (or third I guess) on DVD Flick. Super easy to use, and more importantly... it just works.

Only warning: depending on how fast your machine is, it can take a while to get your files converted and ready to burn; don't expect to be burning two minutes after installing.
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Keep in mind that if you're burning to a DVD so that is viewable in regular DVD players (ie DVD players that don't do DivX), then you are actually needing to convert your videos into MPEG2. ISO is just a format for packaging up full DVDs for sharing - a disk image.
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