Which adult-sized Heelys are the best ones?
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Which adult-sized Heelys are the best ones? I am finally jealous enough of the kids that I am looking at Heelys for myself. I see that most are about sixty dollars, but some are eighty or a hundred. Are the more expensive ones actually better skates, or what?

I actually like the lower profiles of the less-expensive ones, but will suck that up if the more expensive ones actually work better. My gut-preference is much, much more about aesthetics than the extra $20 or $40, but if there's a performance advantage I could bend on that.
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I had a pair of adult heelys back when I first saw them in 2000 or 2001. They were pretty hard to walk in, since you had to walk on your toes or go sprawling backwards. I felt like I was wearing high heels or something. They were fun though, but I mostly took the wheels out 90% of the time. I'm not sure how the kids get used to them all the time. Perhaps they are better these days.
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I have the higher-heeled ones, and find they're a little awkward to actually take out and use. I'd say to go for the cheaper ones, which are both easier on the wallet and better aesthetically.
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I have the eighty dollar ones and agree with the above. You probably won't wear them all the time but they're super fun for the airport and malls.
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I hate to be the party-pooper here, but Heely's are actually quite dangerous. I know a number of orthopedic surgeions who prohibit their children from using them, and there are studies showing the dangers of the shoes.
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The fact that (without a downhill) you can't go faster than you can physically run is *real* nice, safety-wise. You arguably have more immediate mobility (shifting from a roll to a run) on Heely's than anything else.

That being said, you have to wear wrist pads. You'll fall the same way pretty much each time, and it's wrist first. I don't know what they're selling nowadays, but get ones with the wider wheelbase. They handle roads and cracks much better. And just go ahead and get a pair or two of extra wheels; the newer you are, the quicker your wheels will burn out.
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I didn't know that they made specifically adult Heelys. When I bought a pair, I just bought them in the Atomic style, in the largest size they had (which just happened to be my shoe size, lucky me). heelys atomic on zappos
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I have a pair of street flyers, which look like platform shoes, with hidden wheels in the base. With four wheels, two per shoes, they provide a lot more stability than heelys, plus you can "turn them off" as it were.
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