Can you also shoot a man in Vegas just to watch him die?
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[VegasFilter] A friend of mine is heading to Las Vegas for a rock climbing trip with a buddy in March/April. He wants to know about interesting and crazy things to do in Vegas that don't involve drinking or gambling.

His main criteria, besides the no-alcohol and no-gambling exceptions, is that he gets some good stories out of them, and that they involve things he can't really do anywhere else. Other than that, he's open to pretty much anything in the area. I think he's got at least a couple of days out there, so daytrip-type activities probably wouldn't be out of the question.
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Day trip to the bunny ranch.
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There's always legal brothels. (But not in Vegas itself.)
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Are hilarious pictures as good as good stories? I recommend Madame Tussaud's, the wax museum.
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There are a few gun ranges out there that will let you rent fully automatic machine guns.
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Just walking along "The Strip" (Las Vegas Blvd.), taking in the ambience and people-watching is great fun... I was there a few years ago with my former co-workers, and our favorite memories and stories are about things we encountered simply by walking around.
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Get married.
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Tne Emperor's Room at Crazy Horse. 'Nuff said.
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National Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Virtually all of the machines are set up for you to play, and you have probably never seen so many immaculately maintained vintage machines in one place before. It has brought more than one grown man to tears.

And the change machine has the best odds in town.
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Atomic tourism at the Nevada Test Site (if he can get the dates right).
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I don't know about too many stories they will inspire, but how about a trip to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. I enjoyed both.

And he must see at least a couple of shows!

If he's crazy suggest the rides on top of the Stratosphere hotel.

I've been on the Big Shot. Never again.
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A friend of mine is heading to Las Vegas for a rock climbing trip
oops, he's probably already heading to Red Rock.
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I second the Pin Ball Museum. That place is fun.
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Seconding the Hoover Dam, especially if they still offer the hard-hat tours.
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Don't forget that Vegas has some of the most awesome shopping in the western hemisphere. Caesar's, Venetian, and Wynn each have what amounts to an attached (very upscale) mall, and they're all in walking distance of the Fashion Show Mall. There is an antique store under the Venetian that has a very interesting netsuke collection, and it doesn't cost anything to look.

Don't forget the animal exhibits and faux volcano at the Mirage, and the Siren show at TI. And you really ought to ride the monorail, even if it is more of a Shelbyville kind of idea. There's a race track at the north end of town. And if your friend likes hiking don't neglect the Valley of Fire and Lost City Museum. If cooler weather is his thing, Mount Charleston.

I haven't even scratched the surface.
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Joh, hard hat tours were alas discontinued after 9/11. It's still an impressive place.
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Art Galleries: Jewelry & Minerals of Las Vegas 420 East Sahara Ave has awesome gem/minerals displays, dark rooms with very large quartz crystals internally lit. easy walk off strip.
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as thrill seekers they would go for the free-fall wind-tunnel thing. Expensive as all hell, tho.
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A friend of ours just did the NASCAR driving experience, and had a blast. $400 bucks, but he said he'd do it again in a second.

Me, I'm more excited about the buffet at the Bellagio. Damn good food and a whole lot of it.

Or, if he wants to get really crazy.....swinging good times are alleged to be had.
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OMG, seconding KA at the MGM Grand. I have seen hundreds, possible thousands, of performances of every type, and I have trained in the sort of work that Cirque does...and KA still blew me away like nothing I have ever experienced. Spend the $ for seats near the front.
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seconding red rocks, amazing hiking and rock climbing, only a few minutes drive outside the city.
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he might want to consider hopping over towards mojave.

there is a decent chance he can get a tour from the guys doing the jet refuling. also cool: hoover dam. take the helicopter tour they offer right next to it, it's amazing.
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2 things on the strip...

  • Even if he isn't a geek, the Star Trek Experience is good for a few laughs, or if he is, then perhaps it would be a moving experience for him.

  • I had fun at the indoor skydiving, but then again, I've never done the real thing. Still, how often does one get to hover above an airplane engine?

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    Oh Oh Oh and I keep forgetting the antique neon lighting museum in the Fremont area. And Chinatown!

    As food goes -- and I lived there -- some of my favorite places are Cafe Babareba at the Fashion Show, Kona Grill on Rampart at Charleston (in Boca Park, yet another shopping desination), Osaka on Lake Mead long about Buffalo, and Sushi-ko on Craig near 95. Be advised that "Best of Las Vegas" editors choice is almost always good, but readers choice is often shorthand for "lots of food."
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    The hottest tickets in Vegas.
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