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Living in Omaha, NE - looking to move to Sacramento area. Does anyone know where a good place to start looking for a job? I work in insurance(claims). $60,000
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For a start, try sacbee.com. You can log in and apply for jobs right through thee website
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Sutter Health is the major health-care provider in the area and a very large employer, and they have two facilities in Sacramento, one a regional headquarters. They must have a large medical claims department.
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You're in luck if you're in insurance. You're moving to the Capital of the state. Every major insurance company that operates in the state has some kind of headquarters there (most of them have offices in either downtown or a nearby neighborhood, State Farm is in the Arden Fair area for instance) - as they need to be in close quarters to the Insurance Commissioner's office as well as various legislative offices.

If you want to stay in claims, I'm sure there's plenty of work to be had with any of the majors (I'd recommend just starting at their individual websites - Statefarm.com, et. al.), but you may want to consider a move to corporate relations / etc. since you'll be in a hot market for it - might make for a lot of upward mobility.

Also, consider the Sacramento Employment Guide (here's the page for insurance positions). Sacbee.com is your other given, as mentioned.

Nice area to move to, I grew up there and my family's still there, let me know if you have any other questions.
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