What is this instrumental music?
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Can you help me identify the artist and name of this instrumental music [1 minute excerpt, 374k mp3]? (I really thought it was Penguin Cafe Orchestra but couldn't find it in their discography.)
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Shazam tells me that it's Coffaro's Theme by Bill Frisell, and having listened to a few samples I'm pretty sure it's the version he recorded on the album 'Bill Frisell Quartet' on Nonesuch Records.
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I second chrismear. That's definitely the song, but it's not the version I have (Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Bishop).
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Thank you thank you! Of course -- Bill Frisell! His name was lost in the recesses of my memory. And chrismear, I owe you an extra thanks for narrowing it down to the exact version!
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