Men's sexual health.
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Men's sexual health question. Sort of sensitive.

Sometimes after I poo there is semen in the toilet. Is this something to be concerned about? I know the standard answer is "see your doctor" but it's embarrassing and I don't have the best insurance so I'd rather not schedule a visit if it's no big deal.

It in no way feels like an orgasm if this happens, it just comes out with the pee. It does seem to be positively related to the number and frequency of orgasms I am having, though, as well as the time spent on the toilet (like if I read) and if I have to push harder than normal to defecate. I've not kept track but 10% of the time is probably in the ballpark.

Other information. I'm in my late 20s, in pretty good health, and all the stuff all works normally otherwise. Within the last year I've taken up quite seriously and lost some weight (about ten pounds) but this was something that has happened for years. I could stand to lose some more weight, maybe twenty pounds.
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Are you sure you haven't got gonorrhea?
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I am not a doctor in any way shape or form.

Straining could possibly be affecting your prostate gland? Is your pelvic floor up to snuff? I've noticed the same thing after sex, but since I started doing kegels every day, I haven't had it. Plus, orgasm is much much better after doing them.
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IANAD, not at all, but I'm guessing you defecate before your urinate when this happens, right? Thinking out loud here: feces can press on the prostate (after all, anal play feels good primarily for this reason), which provides some fluids used in the composition of semen. Perhaps your prostate is getting squeezed and it is giving up some fluid when that happens.

If, however, you notice discharge at other times, or the color is off, or it hurts, See A Freakin' Dr., as you may have an STI. On preview, what razzman said.
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Sorry to give you the default answer, but yeah, I think you should absolutely see your doctor. I've never had this happen, nor have I heard of it before. Not to say the condition is deadly serious, but it's worth checking out. Better safe than sorry.

(I assume this semen in the toilet is not residual seman from recent copulation, correct?)

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Re: the insurance thing, Planned Parenthood may be a good option, particularly since one of the concerns here is STDs.
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IAAD and I wonder if you might be experiencing partial retrograde ejaculation. If this has been happening for years, an STD is an unlikely cause, as is anything serious. Your family doctor or a urologist will be intrigued and no doubt delighted to investigate further.
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IANAD, but seriously, dude, you gotta go see one.
Any time I've had issues that I was a little too embarrassed to go to a doctor for, I wound up suffering more (mentally and/or physically) for a length of time before manning-up and just going to see someone about it.
Every time, the doctor treated me just as I assume they would treat any other patient or problem. Regradless of what lump, itch, or jizz in the toilet is bothering you, they will diagnose and treat you or refer you to a specialist who will do the same. To them it's just another lump, itch, or jizz in the toilet, not a judgement about you as a person.
All the time you spend fretting over this is mental anguish you're causing yourself, and on the chance that this is something that warrants treatment, you could be making the situation worse by the day by ignoring it.
At the very least, suck it up and do something tangible about it, and stop torturing yourself.
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I'm pretty sure this is normal; this link suggests that if it's only happening occasionally it's probably nothing to worry about. Maybe eat more fiber.
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When I first read this, I just assumed that some guy had come in your ass. Otherwise, I can say that there have been times when I've pissed, say, five minutes after sex and had a bit of semen still in there. Could you be just not getting it all out?
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I'm only going on medical experience from the movie "Road Trip" here, but supposedly you can milk the prostate and cause this to happen.. so perhaps your stools are doing this as they come out and you just have a pretty sensitive prostate. Again, I am basing this on medical facts gleaned from a teen comedy movie.
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Doctors are very used to talking about the body, and if you give them one little detail they will procede with questions. They are trained to deal with shy people. If you seem nervous, they'll turn into yes/no questions.

Arrange for a urinalysis and simply state that sometimes you see something in your urine after a bowel movement. They know that this is difficult to talk about, but it isn't gross for them.

I am not a Medical doctor, but what looks like semen may well be pus. This isn't necessarily a terrible thing, but it can be a sign of prostate trouble, including cancer, or of a simple infection of the urinary track that needs to be treated. Just because you've had it for a very long time, doesn't mean it's harmless.

Unless you are very broke, a $80 visit is well worth your peace of mind.
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Are you sure it's not mucus? Mucus can come out with your poo...
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anon, you gotta throw us a bone here. Is the semen coming out with defecation? Or did you mean that it's coming out when you urinate, as part of a normal shit? The stool can definitely cause some prostate compression and semen leakage that would be fairly normal if it was coming from the urethra (pee-slit, for the short-bus crowd). But no, semen should not come from one's ass, unless it is post-coital.
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The poster points out that the semen is coming out with the pee, so presumably from the urethra.

I'm with the other respondents who pointed out that hard stools can press against the prostate. It's normal for a drop or two of seminal fluid to be expelled with vigorous prostate massage. So I'd say this is not something to be worried about. If it's more than a drop or two and accompanied by pain or burning, that's abnormal, and probably a sign of something like gonorrhea.
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semen coming out of your dick, perfectly normal even at unexpected times like on the john.
semen coming out of your ass, unless your partner put it there within the last ten minutes, see a doctor pronto.
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I went to see a urologist for exactly the same issue and was told that this was a normal function of (some) bowel movements due to prostate massage.
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