Designer Restaurant in Manhattan
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Looking for a designer restaurant in Manhattan...

An interior designer friend of mine is coming to Manhattan for research. I know she is visiting various hotels and design land marks around Manhattan area.

I want to take her to a coolest designery restaurant in the area. I have taken her to "Asia de Cuba by Philip Starck" before. She was impressed.

I am not a New York Person. so please recommend me few designery places... Good tasting food is not required.. it is more about the environment.

I think modern looking is better though...

Thanks in advance.
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Public, in Nolita.
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Morimoto was designed by Tadao Ando.
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Stephen Starr opened two highly designed restaurants in NYC last year, and both are at the Chelsea Market; Buddakan on the 9th Avenue Side, and Morimoto on the 10th Avenue side. Buddakan is designed by French designer Christian Liaigre, and Morimoto is designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Tadao Ando (and the home of the "Iron Chef" in New York).
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Go for drinks at Bar Veloce, 2nd Ave b/t 11th and 12th.
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wow.. Great recommendations...
I am greatful of extrabox's short design history also....

Now that I think about it.. getting some designer bar type places as mentioned by The Michael The will be helpful too..
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Kittichai at 60 Thompson (60 Thompson St.)

Gigino at Wagner Park (20 Battery Place)

Town Resaurant in the Chambers Hotel (15 West 56 St.)

DB Bistro in the City Club Hotel (55 W 44th St.)

Serafina at Dream Hotel (210 W 55th St.)

The Cafeteria and the Bar at the Hudson Hotel (356 West 58th St.)

Mercer Kitchen at the Mercer Hotel (147 Mercer St.)

Nicole's in Nicole Farhi's shop (10 E. 60th St.)

Thor in the Hotel on Rivington (107 Rivington St.)

The Grand Bar & Lounge at the Soho Grand (310 W. Broadway)

The Church Lounge at the Tribeca Grand (2 Ave. of the Americas)
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30 W 22nd.
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Oh -- mustn't forget The Modern at the MoMA.
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Spice Market, for crying out loud.
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I am getting a sensory overload here...
Great places....
I can only go to maybe two places....
Let's start putting some votes here....

I appreciate all your help.
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My top two picks would be Nicole's and The Modern.
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Historic Lever House's current design incarnation is the work of Australian artist Marc Newsom. His work is huge, sculptural, wildly expensive. He happens to have a much-talked-about show right now, at Gagosian.
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50 Clinton St. (between Stanton & Rivington St)

This is the best restaurant in NYC. No, really.

Yes, it's very expensive.
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Check out the cafeteria at Scandinavia House (Park @ 38th). Think upscale IKEA.

This is the best restaurant in NYC. No, really.

That's not what the question is asking, and there's nothing remarkable about the design of that place.
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wd-50 is one of my favorite restaurants in NY, but the design is nothing spectacular.

I would second Kittichai (relatively inexpensive), The Modern, and the atrium at Thor (just stop in at the Rivington and take a gander).

Morimoto is also impressive, although I think Buddakan is garish.

For a wonderfully authentic looking French bistro that is all lights and mirrors, go to brunch at Balthazar. For the most expensively boring design, Le Bernadine is le yawn, all wood and blue and stiff upper lips.

If you go to any restaurants in Soho, stop in the Prada store designed by Koolhaas.
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