Cover my nipples in the unbra-able dress
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Any girl MeFites have experience with NuBra or similar cushioned adhesive bra things?

I have recently acquired a backless halter dress made from a lovely soft, thin, drapey jersey material. I can get away with not wearing a bra for support, but I need some substantial pierced-nipples-with-circular-barbells coverage. (I don't think petals will provide enough coverage.) I don't mind my obvious nipplage and hardware showing through casual clothes, but this dress is too dressy for that – it just looks tacky and very obvious.
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i've never tried these:

but a friend has and was happy with them.
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If it helps, the NuBra was what I was going to suggest, too.
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Ditto. It's a little weird feeling but you get used to it.
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Petals might work for you if you put some cotton balls underneath.
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I've had cups sewn into my prom dresses back in the day by a seamstress. Perhaps consult a bridal shop?
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I second the Nubra. I call them my chicken fillets, because they look (and feel) like raw boneless chicken breasts. They are my wedding bra # 1 choice. They stick on, and very well- even after dancing and sweating and wash off for reuse. Greatest invention ever. Now whenever I go to a wedding I notice that all the girls are wearing them. They are worth the price. (don't buy the cheap ones, go for Nubra for the security of them not falling off)
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Boob management details, please! Does it stay put without slipping? Is it obvious where the edges of the brathingy are?

Idiotfactory, this dress has no lining, hence the overt nipplage. Stitch marks would be very obvious.
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I've tried the NuBra but by a different name. It's fine, you just need some minutes to get used to it, then you forget about it for the rest of the night. Cups sewn into the dress is what I prefer, but it just applies to certain types of dresses, where the outer and inner fabrics are different.
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I can't figure it out from the site; do they come in DD?
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So, after peeling off a NuBra, is there residue left behind?
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Follow-up, what size do they stop working? I.e. still OK with a C cup?
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I was told by a girl in the store, when looking at them, "don't bother if you're bigger than a B-cup."

From what I can tell, they seem to give the bra "look" but no actual support, so larger sizes still bounce/jiggle/sag.
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Just a follow up for interested parties:

NuBra thingy works so much better than I even could have imagined. LOVE it. (BTW, I'm a C-cup, but perky.)
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