Amphibious Terrane Vehicle
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Help identify this amphibious creature motorized vehicle.

Here are some details my father can remember about it: probably manufactured in the sixties by a Canadian company; had a two-cycle, air-cooled engine that was prone to overheating; sported a soft canvas top; propelled through to water solely by the tread of the spinning tires; could easily float with six passengers; had no real suspension; and could top 60 mile per hour on land.
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i cannot rest until somebody figures this out. here are some shots at it (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
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Is it by Argo? Company site, dealer site. They are a Canadian ATV manufacturer and their vehicles are powered in water by the tyre treads (although I don't think they can do 60mph).
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Oh, it only had four wheels, too.
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First instinct from the picture is "argocat" which seems to be the cat track version of what greycap is pointing you to.
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Yes, Argocat was the first word I thought of when I saw the picture too (having just re-read Alan Clark's diaries where he owns one for the garden at Saltwood).
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This isn't the Argo. It's a four-wheeler and it has a custom shell from the look of it, perhaps a fibreglass knock off. Also it has a steering wheel, and I don't recall Argo's coming with steering wheels.

This is not to say that someone didn't tinker with an Argo or something similar.

Amphijeep in England has a base which I'm sure could be worked with.

It also struck me that perhaps this is just a four wheeler with a custom body just fording down a shallow river
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Check the amphicars website to see if it may help. From the quick look I took, there's a chance it could be an early model of a Gibbs Aquada (4 wheels, central steering wheel, etc.) but they may be too new to be correct, or even a Dutton amphibious model, most of those appear to be kit-built. Also, if not there, the Land, Air and Sea museum might also be a good place to ask for info.
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It's not "just a four wheeler with a custom body just fording down a shallow river". My dad owned this; those are my grandparents crossing our creek. Thanks for all the help so far.
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My apologies. However you did not indicate you had intimate knowledge.

Still is it possible that your father picked this up from someone who did this as a custom kit? I'm still ruling out Argos.

Good luck!
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