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I started using Google AdSense ads on a couple of sites a few weeks ago, and I'm getting good results and earnings. My question is, how is Google about paying out? Any hassles, delays, etc.?
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My first check came in early February, after joining the program in November (the check was for November and December). There was a slight delay in their cutting the check, but they were up front about it in an e-mail to AdSense providers, telling us when to expect out payment.
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The end of year checks were delayed, due to the sheer number of them, I imagine. But all my end of month checks have been reasonably on time. It's kind of annoying having to wait almost a month after the previous month closes to get your check, but if you're routinely making more than $100 per month, you still get payed every month. It's pretty cool to get those checks with the Google name on them in your mailbox every month.
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Good news, thanks.
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Google is good people. I've never had any trouble with checks arriving on time.

Oh, and crawl: It may be annoying to wait 30 days for a check, but this is actually better than all but a couple of other Web ad networks... 45-90 days is more typical.
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I've made 45 cents in two months. I suppose I'll be waiting a bit longer.... Heh.
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After a quick soulsearch here I added Google AdSense to my blog and its paying for my monthly TypePad bills (and a little bit more) since. Worked fine for me, payment schedules, announcements, tool, etc.
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I had a couple of checks lost in the mail (thanks to my insane mail carrier), and Google had no problem re-issuing them for me.
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For those of us who don't know much of what you're talking about, can you explain? (How to get in, what it is, etc) I figure these are the text ads on the sides of mefi? Can anyone get considered for the program? What determines how much you are paid, etc.. eh?

(I'm sure this info is readily available but I figure someone here can point a friendly link or two on me - thanks in advance)
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Here Peter.
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incredibly helpful, thanks!
(clicked on yr jay z mix, too. or should i say jay g - hot dog cap'n, that shit is illLLL)
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I joined a few months ago and I just got my first check from them. I had e-mailed them and requested that they hold my end-of-the-year check until I reached $100 (as I'm overseas and it costs me $15 to cash a US check). They were really nice about it.

The only problem I've had was a message from them a few weeks ago about the ads showing up on "non-content" pages. I'd put the javascript code in the footer include for all my pages and thus it was showing up in a handful of pages they didn't like ("Contact Me", etc.). Apparently this is a no-no in the Terms of Service so they hassled me until I was able to fix it. But other than that, no complaints!
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