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Best friends with whoever can tell me the artist and/or name of this song I've been trying to figure out for years.

I don't even know the tune, all I remember was that it had a good beat and I liked it. Maybe circa late 1990s? All I remember was that the video clip had three European friends, two guys and a girl, some scenes in a bowling alley, and then it ends with them all standing atop a cliff and looking out into the world?

FYI, this is for a friend. But bonus if the video exists on this great world wide web.
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Lady by Modjo?
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I was about to say Alphaville, "Forever Young," as I was 100% certain the video involved a car full of carefree German youths driving along the cliffs of a seaside. And the song was re-released in the 90's.

But apparently, I "remember" that either from a movie or made it up, as a double-check on the internets reveal that the actual "Forever Young" video involves some dusty old people in period attire in a crumbling church... and also some sweet pegged pants and New Wave hair on the overwrought lead singer and synth keyboard guy. So there's one it's definitely not.
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the details are slightly different, but in the Smashing Pumpkins 1979 video there is a bunch of people (the band) driving around in a car in California (not Europe). There is a scene where they stand at the end of a cliff, as well as a scene where they bowl in a convenience store using food.

Here's some youtube action if you want to check it out.
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