Best software solution for a reading list database?
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What is the best way to go as far as software for making a annotated reading list/database of books is concerned? Apart from the usual details, I'd like to add tags and short notes to each entry and would like to be able to work on the file off-line. Are there any existing software solutions for such a task out there or is my best option to go with MS Access/MySQL or a similar such program? I'm on the PC/Win XP platform and looking for inexpensive/shareware/freeware options Thanks!
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This might help. I like Endnote too.
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This is probably not as intensive as you're looking for, but in another thread someone recommended TiddlyWiki, which is basically an offline wiki you access from your browser.

It's pretty intuitive, but there's a good Getting Started guide here.
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Readerware - 30 day free trial
Book Collector - free for 1st hundred books
Library Thing - it's online but you can export your catalog as a CSV or tab delimited text. Free for first 200 books.
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