Help me find a horrible old "hacker" video!
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I'm looking for an old video that I think I saw back in the early 90s. It was a two part video about computer ethics. The first part was about piracy, the second was about the "evils of hacking". My Google skills have failed me. Does anyone out there remember this?

So the first part of this video was about a couple of highschool kids who developed the game "Oil's Well".

After months of effort (including passing up a date to the prom with one of the "hottest girls in school"!), the two kids who wrote the game are about to sell it to a publisher. But in a serious lapse of judgment, one of the kids gives "just one" copy of the game to a friend. Within days, pirated copies of the game have spread worldwide, and the publisher has canceled the deal that would have made the kids rich. Also, as an added bonus, the kids meet the leaders of the local piracy ring, and are threatened with thier lives!

The second part of the video was about some kid who was hacking into a hospital. This part of the video was rather reminiscent of "Wargames", if I recall correctly. Anyways, the salient point to this story was that the kid had logged into the hospital's mainframe. As he was showing off his "mad skillz" to some girl he typed "IV feed me chocolate" into the terminal. Cut to the hospital, where a patients life support system has suddenly shut off. The words "IV feed me chocolate" appear on the nurse's terminal. The patient doesn't make it.

Can anyone give me a hint as to what this video was called or where I can find a copy of it? I've been searching for weeks! I think I saw this in the very early 90's, but even at the time it seemed horribly dated and silly.
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Huh, I've never heard of that video. If he doesn't show up & give you the answer on his own, drop a line to MeFite Jason Scott.
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