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I'm looking for a web application that will let me record the goals that I have achieved in my life, and those that lie in front of me.

I have a GTD list where I have major goals, perhaps 3 to 4 a year, and I work towards achieving these goals. I'm looking for a web application that will allow me list the dates of these goals, and work towards those goals. It should have some type of timeline thing, so I know what i have completed.

There are so many GTD apps out there, anyone that does this?

(Note: I'm not talking about a todo list, or anything I update daily. I mean something that just holds the overview of my yearly goals, and how far along I am)
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It doesn't really have the timeline or percentage-complete aspects, but 43 things lets you log the things you want to achieve, tick them off as you do them, and post updates and talk with other people who are working on the same goal.
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I've just started using nozbe, which seems pretty cool for the shorter term stuff. Probably no better than 43 things for this scenario
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43Things recently implemented a deadline function but still lacks a timeline.

I guess you could break up a single goal into a series of subtasks, each with its own deadline to achieve the same functionality. Not as clean as it should / could be as task dependencies couldn't be captured, but its free and web based.
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If those goals are weight-related, you might look into Sparkpeople.
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A couple suggestions:


Joes Goals
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Seconding Gubb - very powerful, very elegant.
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how about ta-da list? it's an online to-do list, which you can access any time, and it archives the stuff you checked off.
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