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How do I create an ordinary "post to" link? The Del folks provide very informative instructions on creating a button using extensions, and on creating a bookmarklet or link using javascript. But for those for whom neither option works, how do you simply create an ordinary link that can be added to the Favorites list?
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Like this.
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Wait, I think I misunderstood. It sounds like you want a generic link that will post the current site to But I don't think it's possible without javascript, since you have to give them the URL of the page somehow.
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Bookmark this?
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I agree with smackfu. It isn't possible to create a single link that will work with any URL because doesn't do anything fancy like checking referrer headers for URLs. The URL you're posting has to be in the query string.
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Even worse than that... most, if not all, browsers do not send the referer (sic) header when you click on a link in your Favorites/Bookmarks.
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Bookmark this.
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Grrr. Make a bookmark of this

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In both Safari and Camino (the browsers I'm most acquainted with) you can move the bookmark-bar bookmarklet into the Favorites menu. That's what I've done, and what jimfl seems to be showing you how to do as well.
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Thanks to all. I thought that there was a non-JS way to do it, but I guess not.
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If you are attempting to do this on a blog, I would advise you that Feedburner offers a very simple little script that you can use to create "Add to, digg, technorati" and other sites.

The bad news is, it is a javascript. The good news is, it's pretty darn easy.

If you want to see it in action you can see it on my blog.

If you want to get it, first sign up at Feedburner (free), then turn on then enable FeedFlair on the Optimize tab.
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