Where can I find that old anti-Nintendo and Sega commercial series?
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Does anyone remember those old anti-Nintendo and anti-Sega commercials where they showed the same guy making 3 different responses? Where can I view that commercial, preferably the series?

It was a very funny commercial series. I believe it was for PSX (PlayStation 1). They showed the same guy in the same situation reacting 3 different ways. The Nintendo way was lame, the Sega way was a bit spunkier, and the PSX (or whatever system it was for) was the cool way.

For example, I remember one commercial where a cop pulls a guy over and asks "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Nintendo: Sorry officer (or something similarly lame)
Sega: Why don't you tell me? (or something similarly spunky, but still lame)
PSX: No, the needle stops after 150 (or something similarly cool)

I've found websites dedicated to video game commercials and yet still can't find this series. I'm wondering if it wasn't for PSX after all...

Would love to see it and show my boyfriend, because he doesn't remember them. :)

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I know you said you've been to sites with video game commercials, but have you been here?

Anyway, if it wasn't a Sony ad, that sounds like the sort of thing that either SNK (Neo Geo) or Hudson (TurboGrafx 16) would do.
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I remember that ad, and I'm sure it was from before the PSX's time. Neo Geo seems the most likely suspect.
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Thanks guys- I still haven't found a video of the ads I'm talking about, but I think you're right in that it wasn't for Sony. I've been looking up NeoGeo stuff and I haven't found them yet, so maybe I'll try TurboGrafx now... :) Thanks for the help! :)
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