NJ peeps, what would you miss if you lived out of state?
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Can anyone give me suggestions on what do mail a friend that used to live in NJ. I am looking for something that says NJ. I basically am looking for things she couldn't get where she lives now which is Charleston, SC.

Here are a few more details-
Her Birthday is on February 25th. So I don't have much time.
She is loaded, I am not, so though behind something means more then the monitary value of the gift.
She is Polish, her husband is Italian. She cooks alot of polish/ italian foods. I know that many specialty items are not accessable in SC, but I have no clue what they might be.
So, any suggestions on where to go? Or if there is a mail order site for something that might fit the bill?
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go to vitamia's in lodi. mail her some sausage bread, and whatever else looks good, some fresh semolina pasta. they ship everywhere.
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Taylor Pork Roll! That site also seems to sell Tastykakes, which would be another thing she might miss, particularly Butterscotch Krimpets or peanut butter Kandy Kakes.
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How long ago did she live in NJ? Get her something from Wawa, I guess...
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She may not have a good Polish deli, but Charleston is big enough so who knows. If not, Jersey is thick with them. Kielbasa from the deli is far different from the processed kielbasa food product found in supermarkets. Kabanos are smoked and might be easier to ship.
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Salt Water taffy from the Jersey Shore? or Johnson's Caramel corn? (also from the shore)

Tastykakes are a good bet too and they deliver.

What part of Jersey is she from?
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Get her back issues of WeirdNJ magazine - sold in all major book stores in NJ and online.
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Seconding Pork Roll, although I am a Case's man myself.

What part of Jersey is she from? If she knows Halo Farms ice cream (couldn't find a web page) you could send her a pint. (Although you'd have to pack it in dry ice or something)
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If you're going for cheesy/quirky, I know that the supermarkets in my area sell T-Shirts that say the town's name on it.

The most hilarious shirt I saw was one that said:
"London, Rome, Paris (then in big letters under those cities...) Palisades Park"
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Get her a book on the Jersey Devil, or (if she's from North Jersey), you could get her a Giants/Devils/Nets ball cap.

Oh wait I know what would be perfect! Smack her with a $10,000 property tax bill!
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She is originally from Harrison, NJ. She has been out of the area for about 4 years. Polish foods, and basically any ethnic food is practically non exhistent in Charleston. Believe me, I loved there for a short period of time. So, if you know of specific places in North jersey that I can get Polish or Italian speciality foods that would be perfect! Online is even better for my lazy butt.
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It depends where in NJ she's from, to a certain extent; North Jersey and South Jersey are pretty different.
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(Crap...I should learn to use preview...sorry.)
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Online is even better for my lazy butt.

Believe me, I understand the sentiment, but if you can get it online, so can she. I'd go with something really local, and reasonably non-perishable. Maybe some loaves of really good Italian bread? You've gotta be near some good bakeries. I'm trying to think of what I'd miss if I moved out of state, and excellent independent Italian restaurants on practically every corner is the first thing that comes to mind for me. Well, that and disco fries from a diner at 1am.
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From Harrison, with an Italian-American husband? Send her a plate of Italian cookies from Bella Palermo.
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Here is an article describing some good Polish delis in Northern Jersey. I can personally vouch for European Provisions in East Brunswick.
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>>basically any ethnic food is practically non exhistent in Charleston.

Huh? Contact me if you're looking for something in particular. You may have to look a bit harder, but it's here.
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Here's a whole raft of suggestions about Polish food in North Jersey. I can personally vouch for Adam's Food Market in Wallington, since it's just a couple blocks from me. Really yummy kielbasa that they make there. Get it shrinkwrapped, and it ships fine.
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I can't speak to the ethnic food aspects of Jersey (as I had to leave Jersey to learn to appreciate ethnic food), but for whatever it's worth, the salt water taffy's a good suggestion in my book as a girl who grew up on the Jersey shore. That's one of the few things I crave now that I've lived elsewhere for a decade or so. Taffy bought elsewhere just isn't the same, so once a year or so I have my parents ship some my way. I also have cravings for a proper hot dog and shake from Max's, but sadly, I doubt those are shippable. Plus I secretly suspect they're not as good as I remember and I'll be disappointed if I ever actually have one again.
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Coffee cake from B & W Bakery in Hackensack.
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