What's up in San Diego President's Day?
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Anything interesting happening in San Diego this long weekend?

Film, art, unusual events; but not music.
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If you'd like to research whether your definition of "interesting" is different from mine, I recommend checking the website for CityBeat.
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The MOCA in downtown just opened up a new building, I'm pretty sure they have some cool new shit in there.

SignOn San Diego always has a decent list of things in their entertainment section.
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If you have small children to entertain. the Birch Aquarium has a Totally Tidepool family day on Saturday.

And museums are half price if you swing by Macy's.
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There's always something good and interesting playing the the Ken Theater in Kensington (my fair neighborhood). The MOCA is a great bet.

Anyone reading, e-mail me (profile) if you're interested in visiting MOCA, I can probably get you in for free. I think I might be visiting there as well.
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The Museum of Man in Balboa Park is still showing its body ornamentation and Guatamalan textiles exhibits.

The San Diego Jewish Film Festival runs through Sunday in La Jolla.
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Oh wow, vespertine, thanks for posting the first Museum of Man link - I'm off to San Diego next week, and this will be perfect for the first weekend the boyfriend and I will have free. That exhibition looks awesome.
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