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Suddenly when clicking on "restore down" in Firefox, part of the contents of the web page now disappears off the screen. IE still adjusts the "restore down" screen to accomodate most of the original web page. Does anyone know how I can reinstall this feature in Firefox. Thanks.
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The restore down button just resizes your window. If part of it is disappearing down off your screen, just drag it up by holding down your mouse button while the pointer is on the top of the window.
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Response by poster: What I'm trying to do is work with two separate web pages side by side--one side Russian, the other English. Until this morning I did this routinely. By clicking "restore down" and then sizing the page in half, the text would automatically rearrange itself so that everything was visible in the reduced page size. I could of course do one page on top of the other and be able to view the full lines of text. But doubling the toolbars considerably reduces the amount of text available on each page. Earlier, the toolbars of each page were cut in half. I realize that this is not a critical issue, and I can always use IE. But I much prefer Firefox. I should add that I even did a XP restore to yesterday when things were working normally--to no avail.
posted by NinaLee at 10:16 AM on February 16, 2007

Is this problem specific to this site? It might be an issue of some non-cross-browser javascript that is firing when IE's window resizes, but not when Firefox's resizes.

Or did it used to work in Firefox on the site in question but now doesn't? In that case, it could be a corrupt Firefox profile. Try creating a new profile and see if the problem persists.
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Response by poster: Thanks misterbrandt. Creating a new profile as you suggested does solve my problem. However, now I've only a virgin copy of Firefox sans all my previous settings, i.e., add-ons, bookmarks, etc. Is there a convenient way to transfer them from the old profile into the new one?
posted by NinaLee at 1:45 PM on February 16, 2007

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