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How do I get notified of new email without a computer?

I used to have my PC on all the time. After a set time it would put its harddisk and monitor to sleep and just sit there humming (loudly) and giving me a ding dong if I had new mail.

Now I have a MacBook. It is awesome, it is beautiful, it's silent, but of course when I close the lid it goes to sleep completely. This is fine, mostly; I don't want to use InsomniaX or anything, I like that it goes to sleep. But I miss my ding dong. Yes, I'm a mail junkie.

I think the solution is some kind of standalone mail checker that sits on my desk and taps into my wireless network and does "something" to notify me of new mail, but the only thing I can find is Nabaztag, which, while cute in a disturbingly absurd way, is just a bit too much, both as a concept and financially. Are there alternatives?
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Enable mail forwarding on your account, sending a copy of a message to your cell phone's email address.
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I like Blazecock's solution - I use it selectively, forwarding a people's email from my Gmail account to my phone. If for some reason you want something glitzlier, here are a couple of ambient-display-type things, perhaps you can find something similar that suits your needs:

Also on the pricier side, but far less bunnyish than the Nabaztag:

Ambient Orb

These aren't out yet, but would be another pricey yet kind of awesome alternative:

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If price is an issue, you can make your own ambient orb.
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These aren't out yet, but would be another pricey yet kind of awesome alternative:
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OMFG! Where do they come up with these names? Cool concept but it sounds like a kids toy. And as for "Send us a photo of your Chumby" what were they thinking?
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You could consider getting a BlackBerry if your phone doesn't buzz or chime when recieving an email.
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