Things to do in 6 months!
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I am going back from college back home. I have a job for the 6 months for the time I am there. The problem is I want to do something other than the job, I am one of the people that needs to do stuff.. not a workaholic!. Specifically Central New jersey princeton area Is there a club I can get involved in? Is there a specific skill that needs 6 months to master. Basically stuff I can do after work or during weekends.
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If you aren't familiar with it, I suggest learning Adobe CS2 (photoshop, illustrator, inDesign, etc). Six months is plenty of time to get a good grasp on these programs. They will come in handy all the time and you can put it on your resume.
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Oh, I forgot to add, you can get a steep discount on Adobe programs since you're a student.
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You could tack on learning photography to the Adobe stuff, and you have the beginnings of a solid career in freelance graphic design.

I took a year off from school, and for part of that time worked in a chocolate factory. Learning how to make truffles by hand was great fun, and it is one of my (and my friends') favorite skills now. Get yourself some good chocolate and do a quick search for recipes and you'll be set.
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What are your hobbies and interests? We can figure out better ideas if we have this information.

Ask your friends and family if they need help with anything, they could give you things to do or leads to those who'd know. My boyfriend did this during the hols and he eventually got a casual job, though it did take a while.
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i used to really dig biking when i lived in the princeton area and always meant to get involved with the princeton freewheelers.
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A writing course. Or a writer's workshop, sharing stories and other bits of work.
Seriously though, you really shouldn't graduate from college with that kind of sentence structure.
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If you don't get a lot of answers, check out some of the many previous questions people have asked about this.
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When I was in a similar situation, I volunteered. It was a productive, low-stress way to use my time and it ended up helping me later in my career.
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I make it a habit to take a class at the Princeton Adult School (or one of the other adult ed programs in the area) every "semester." I'm not sure when you're moving back, and the spring classes have already started, but if you browse through their class offerings you may get inspired to learn more about one of the topics on your own. You could also probably get in touch with one of the teachers if you want to ask about opportunities to learn about what he/she teaches outside of the adult ed classes.
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my school has a co-op/ internship program where i work for a few months and then go back to school. the 6 months coop is where i work at an engineering consultancy company full time.

Does anyone know much about rotary/lions club.. always been curious about those.

i already know photoshop cs, I think i might improve on that skill
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